Ark Garden can offer computer animated designs. These can be used for projects where decisions have to be made in stages; giving the ability to change the plans with ease.


We would recommend CAD drawings for the first stages to give you options on a final layout. Having decided on a final layout we can create a birds-eye-view drawing with an added key (table describing the features). These features will be things like: plants/shrubs/trees, walls, fences, bespoke wooden structures or stone sculptures.



We understand that making changes or improvements to your garden can be a stressful time. Ark garden will take you through these steps concienciously so that you have the time to make the right decision.


Once you have decided on a birds-eye-view drawing, we can then submit this as a final plan which can be made into an isometric drawing (3D type drawing; impression 2 as seen in the artists impression section of this website).